About Our Food


Tradition & Creativity

Where traditions and creativity mix and flourish—Kezira’s food stands alone. We are dedicated to serving you the most flavorful and healthiest Ethiopian and Eritrean cuisine in Seattle. In addition to many authentic favorites, you’ll find dishes at Kezira Cafe that are available nowhere else. Nothing served at Kezira comes from a can, and everything is made fresh to order.


Flax is cholesterol lowering and very tasty when toasted. Try our signature flax-based specials: Chicken Tibs with Flax Sauce, Flax Dip, Flax Latte, Flax Ice Cream Sundae, and our Roasted Flax Seed steamed with milk.


As part of our full espresso bar, Habesha Coffee Ginger and Rue Coffee (African herb added to the coffee) highlight some of our unique beverage offerings. All coffee served is our Kezira house-roasted Sidamo; you’ll taste the freshness.

Kezira Combos

Ethiopian and Eritrean cuisine is traditionally eaten and shared with a group of people. The Kezira Combinations are a great way experience this part of our culture, giving your group a sample of everything that makes Kezira so unique—a wonderful mix of traditional cuisine and Kezira’s very own house dishes.

Gluten-Free Injera

And of course, pure teff gluten-free Injera is available. Please call at least 6 hours in advance.